These are some of the gaming projects I’ve participated in along the journey of teaching myself to code, using C# and Unity for the most part but I also have some experience with web development (HTML,Js,Css,Python) and mess around with Arduino’s on occasion too.

There are multiple other titles in progress as well as other projects going on in general so if you want to keep up to date with something follow me on social media somewhere.

[Get Home] - 2016 -

Take Control of a drunk Buisness man on the way home from work, In the game, you needs to keep the character balanced because our character is drunk. Basically the whole game has only one task; this is to help the character get home safely. This was my first dip into Game Development with Unity, It was a 3 person student project with myself heading the programming and animation and the other two heading up marketing and character/story design.

Consume - 2017 - (WEBSITE DOWN) -

This was a JavaScript “Snake clone” that I reskinned for a 3rd year art project. It was hosted online for a year and was available free to play on any device or browser via scanning a QR code posters and stickers that linked to the website, The gallery display had a framed 7 inch screen running off a Raspberry Pi browser with arcade buttons to move the player via a Python script.

Existance 2.0 - 2017 -

A Simple avoid the obsticals game where there is no winning! Featuring a custom UTF-8 character!! Another gallery exhibit peice built out of an Arduino Mini with a single button and a small 16x2 LCD screen mounted inside a hard cover book.

[Tap n Smash] - 2018 -

Its a break out clone and my first solo unity project and following a 2d Unity tutorial in aims to further my c#.

[Rocket Spelunker Demo] - 2018 -

Explore some strewn together levels as a rocket powered pig! Welcome to my 2nd solo demo complete with some of my own blender modeling and fan art.